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Team Selection:  Trials, Policies and Procedures


At Victorious Secret Netball Club, grading is a process that occurs each Season. In this way, a fair competition of netball can be played. At VSNC the decision of where girls/boys should be graded and what teams they will play in, is an involved process. This document is a guideline for this process. 

Please note that just because your child has been in a certain netball team in previous years that does not mean that she will remain in the same team year after year. There is often movement amongst teams as some players do not return to the club whilst other new players join. 

Grading Committee 
The Victorious Secret Netball Club grading committee will consist of the current club President, Secretary, Registrar, Coaching staff. The Grading Co-Ordinator will oversee this committee and the grading process. The Grading Committee will make the final decision on each graded team.

Paper Grading 
Paper Grading will be carried out prior to placement in teams and will rely primarily upon the coaches report. The coaches reports will be confidential and only seen by the grading committee. If coaches fail to submit end of season reports, they run the risk of players being incorrectly graded for the following season.

Grading Day 
Players will be graded by the Grading Committee. If the club is able, it will appoint up to 3 graders to assess the ability of the players. The graders will have access to the coaches reports and will be given a ‘proposed’ team list which will be provided by the Grading Committee based on registration of players and the previous seasons coaches report. 
Individual grades will be established by the following methods:- 
i) Paper grading – conducted prior to practical grading and considering previous experiences; coaches reports from previous years and observation during the preceding year by the grading committee.
 ii) Practical – trial matches on grading days viewed by the  grading committee. All players are required to attend grading sessions.
All players are required to attend grading sessions. Any player not attending grading sessions will be placed in the most appropriate team by the grading committee, according to previous experience, and/or information provided on the registration form.

On Grading Day, every effort will be made for players to have the opportunity to trial in the position/s nominated on their registration form. 

Court time for each player on grading day will be determined by the independent graders. 
The following skills and attributes may be assessed but are not limited to: 
1. ball handling skills 
2. passing 
3. footwork 
4. speed and agility 
5. attacking skills 
6. defending skills 
7. shooting style and accuracy 
8. fitness 
9. versatility 
10. perception and cognition skills 
11. ability to play as part of a team 
12. sportsmanship, effort and attitude 

A player may be asked to play in a position that is not their preference to aid the grading process. 

When placing players in teams, consideration is given to: 
1. Team members who have similar skill and ability 
2. Ensuring teams will have a suitable balance of position areas, that is shooters, defenders and mid court players 
3. Team members’ individual positions to ensure adequate coverage of all court positions 
4. Players attitude and approach to the game and the team and to training 
5. The number and ages of players registered with the Club each year 
6. The possibility that should the Club have insufficient registrations in an age group to form full teams, players may be placed up an age group in a mixed age team of similar ability in order to place the player in a team 
7. Ensuring a team will be competitive for their recommended grade 

Final Team Placement 
Teams will not be announced on grading day. All players will be advised of team placement 1-2 weeks after grading has taken place, via email and/or listed on the Club Website. In some circumstances, due to team numbers, needs, a player may be advised via email by the Grading Committee that they may be placed in a team outside their age group. 

The decisions made by the Grading Committee will be final.

 Any correspondence regarding grading, either pre or post placement in teams, shall only be accepted in writing and forwarded to the Grading Committee c/- The Secretary, via email. No verbal or abusive correspondence will be accepted on grading day or in a phone call after the announcement of teams. 

The Club understands that it can be difficult to manage a team of 10 players and will therefore do what is possible to have a maximum of 9 players per team. It is also understood that it can be just as difficult to have a team of 7, especially with injuries that occur throughout the season, therefore, the Club will do their best to place players into teams of 9 where it is at all possible. 

The club may choose to pre-allocate a coach and/or manager to any team formed on grading day.

New Players
New players to the club will be assessed as fairly as possible and will be placed into appropriate teams according to their history and performance on grading day. 

Late Registrations 
Registrations received after registration day, will only be accepted at the discretion of the Grading Committee. This will depend on the number of players already registered in any given age group and therefore, the vacancies available in teams.

After Team Selection Trials
Soon after the Team Selection Trials are completed, the panel of selectors will convene and discuss each player and decide who will play in what team. Again, this process is up to the selectors and we ask that you do not approach the selectors about what team and what night you wish to play.
Coaches will be allocated to teams after selection.

Final Steps
Once you have received confirmation of your team placement, invoices will be issued. These must be paid by the due date. Failing to do so will result in the position being offered to a player on the wait list.